According to experts, this is what women desire in a man.

In today’s era of online dating, finding love has become more accessible than ever before. It can be as easy as completing a compatibility quiz or swiping right, but the information on online profiles does not always provide the whole picture. Meeting up with someone you connected with online can lead to unexpected discoveries, so getting to know the authentic individual behind the profile is a crucial step. It is essential to determine what you are seeking in a partner and what they are searching for before deciding whether to commit to a person.

Licensed counselor Suzanne Degges-White, Ph.D., believes that “any good relationship is built on some basic, down-to-earth qualities.” While initial indicators of compatibility, such as physical attractiveness and sexual chemistry, may be superficial, there are several more critical characteristics that women look for in a lifelong partner. These qualities are less likely to diminish over time.

Although every woman is unique, we have compiled a list of eight essential qualities that experts claim all women seek in a man. If you require some guidance, read on.

Confidence is an attractive quality in a man, as it reflects his belief in himself, his self-awareness, and his clarity on what he desires. This trait is often evident in a man’s demeanor, which a woman can easily perceive.

Confidence is the state of being comfortable with one’s identity and having a belief in one’s own self-worth. When a man exudes positive and optimistic energy, he can attract a woman’s interest. However, confidence can become unappealing if it transforms into egotism. A man who does not attempt to compete with or undermine others to elevate himself can make significant progress in capturing a woman’s attention.

Trustworthiness is a highly sought-after quality in a man, as it instantly enhances his appeal and desirability to women. If he is reliable, truthful, authentic, and communicates sincerely, he is a man worth pursuing since people can trust him to keep his promises. Licensed counselor Degges-White notes that “trust and trustworthiness allow relationships to deepen.” In a long-term relationship, a woman needs to be able to rely on her man just as he should be able to depend on her.

Integrity refers to acting with virtue and possessing a strong moral character. Women seek a man who is principled, equitable, and ethical. In a relationship, a man’s integrity can enhance the bond he shares with his partner, as his moral standards will direct his conduct and enable him to be a better partner. When a man’s integrity extends beyond his relationship and he treats others with fairness and kindness, it can earn him bonus points.

Compassion and empathy are valuable traits for a man seeking to attract women. Women are drawn to men they feel they can confide in, whether it’s about the trivialities of their day-to-day or the deeper issues of their hopes and anxieties. The ability to empathize involves comprehending another person’s perspective and sympathizing with their struggles. Women are keen on men who have the capacity and willingness to demonstrate care and consideration for others as well.

Emotional availability is a trait women seek in men; someone who is open and sincere rather than distant and emotionally inaccessible. While expressing emotions freely may feel awkward or unfamiliar, it is crucial to showcase a vulnerable, emotional, and humane side of yourself to develop a lasting relationship. Women prefer men who are willing to share and discuss their true feelings, rather than someone who keeps everything bottled up inside. And at times, this might involve talking about past relationships and sharing parts of your past.

To ensure a healthy, happy, and successful relationship, it is essential for both partners to treat each other with respect. If a man treats a woman poorly or takes her for granted, she is likely to end the relationship to avoid heartbreak. “Disrespect or patronization can quickly end a relationship,” warns Degges-White. Women are attracted to men who treat them with care and give them the respect they deserve.

A good sense of humor can be a great asset when it comes to attracting a woman’s attention. You don’t have to be a professional comedian to make a woman laugh, but being able to joke around and have fun is highly attractive. According to Jeffrey Hall, Ph.D., associate professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas, when two people share the same sense of humor, it’s a sign that they share similar perspectives and values. In fact, Hall’s study found that the more a man made a woman laugh, the more interested she was in him romantically. A man who has a positive and cheerful outlook on life is likely to draw a woman’s attention and keep her interested.

It’s likely that if you possess the qualities mentioned above, you’re also mature enough to handle a relationship. It’s essential to demonstrate to a woman that you’re not only emotionally mature and can communicate effectively, but also that you’re mentally mature and capable of acting like a grown-up when the situation calls for it. You can exhibit this by making rational decisions, avoiding overreactions, and working together to resolve issues after careful consideration. It’s not to say that you cannot have fun and be playful with each other, as being able to show your vulnerable side is a mark of maturity itself.

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