Quit Trying So Hard!

There is nothing worse than a guy who is desperate! A guy who bugs you or calls you constantly; a guy who can’t stop texting you or asking you out even though you have told him repeatedly that you are busy, or have plans, just trying to be nice and not hurt his feelings. DO NOT be that guy!!!

If a girl seems to have a million excuses not to go out with you, she isn’t interested! Stop trying!

If you stop trying you are going to find someone; girls, like guys, can smell desperation a mile away! If you try too hard you are going to scare them off, so you need to have a little bit of a non-challante attitude when it comes to picking up girls. If you see a girl in a club you are interested in, buy her a drink, if she seems disinterested then move on, don’t hang by her or try and make her interested in you it won’t work.

If you are an outgoing guy who likes to have fun but doesn’t go way overboard proving the point, girls are going to be drawn to you, no matter if you are average looking or gorgeous. Guys who are confident, outgoing and fun will attract a variety of girls and most likely will have their pick!

So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone…it might actually be good for you!

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