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Breaking The Ice With, “Kinoing”

Consider this concept: If a man goes in for a kiss without any prior physical contact, can it truly be considered a genuine and comfortable embrace? The likelihood is that it will come across as awkward and forced. In simpler terms, kinoing is essentially just touching. It is successful because it serves multiple important purposes in flirting – exhibiting control, establishing trust, and displaying interest. The key to making kinoing work is known as escalation in the […]

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Flirting-Don’t Go Overboard

Flirting is a lot of fun, and it’s what gets a relationship up and running but sometimes you can go overboard and scare the girl away. Too much too soon is a lot worse than not enough. So remember a little flirting can go a long way! Remember, you are just getting to know this girl, you want to keep her interested in you but not go so far as for her to think she is going […]

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