The Art of Attracting Women – The Power of Perceived Status

Studies in psychology have revealed a universal factor that women find attractive across all demographics, cultures, and time periods. This factor is the perception of high status in men.

In the pick-up artist community, status is known as Demonstrating Higher Value, or DHV. Women tend to choose romantic partners based on their evaluation of the man’s value, including factors such as physical attractiveness, intelligence, wit, and interests, compared to their expectations for the relationship’s success.

So, how can you project high status to women? Is it a matter of body language, social skills, good looks, money, and social success? Can one simply accumulate wealth and physical beauty to be considered attractive to women? How do you measure your own attractiveness to women?

Growing up in a conservative Asian culture, you may have been taught that academic and career success will translate to success in attracting women. However, the pressure to achieve financial success as a way to attract women can be immense.

In modern society, women who are perceived as attractive are often portrayed in advertising campaigns. They are treated well by bouncers at clubs, offered social opportunities, and are adored for their beauty. These cultural narratives shape our confidence with women from an early age.

However, if money, looks, and success were the sole determinants of female attraction, why do women all over the world flock to broke musicians or physically fit athletes? If female attraction is solely based on material wealth, why do many wealthy men struggle to secure a date and resort to online dating or prostitution? Why do women make romantic and sexual choices with average men and are content with it? This is because status is relative.

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