The Difference Between Online and Blind Dates

I am sure you have had at least one blind date in your life, you know how they can go. They are either real good or real bad. You think your friends and family
know what you like and your taste in women, but when you meet that blind date for the first time you wonder what the heck they were thinking! THAT is the difference
between blind dates and online, YOU have more control when you start chatting online, you can see pictures and get to know someone before you set up a meeting.
Imagine your last (or only) blind date…

Now imagine a date with someone you met through internet dating and have been chatting online with and exchanging emails with for quite some time. First, you don’t need to be introduced.  You already know this girl.  You are sitting in an Italian restaurant enjoying a delightful meal because you both know that the other’s favorite is Italian. The conversation flows easily as you discuss common interests.  She runs marathons and loves history just like you do. You happily discuss the volunteer work that each of you is involved in. You look at your watch and discover that it is late…very late…where has the time gone.

There is a big difference between a well-intentioned friend “setting you up” and choosing a date for yourself who shares your interests and tastes, isn’t there?  Now which one would you rather have? Don’t limit yourself when it comes to dating, there are many different avenues you can try out.  Blind dating and online dating are both good, but why not check out some clubs, hobbies, gyms etc. What do YOU like to do? Check out your local clubs and see if there is anything that interests you, chances are that if you are interested in something, say swimming, working out, art, music etc. there is a woman into the same things!

So get out there and get busy finding the right girl for you!

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