What Do Women REALLY Want?

You…well not YOU persay, but the person they see IN you. If a woman gives you attention and seems to be attracted to you that is the first step, the second step is to NOT feed into it! That’s right, if you go for it right away you aren’t going to get it, EVER! Women want you to know they are interested but in the end they don’t want you to be interested in them, at least not right away and not falling all over them.

If you know a girl is attracted to you, they will be even more attracted to you if you act casual and not needy, if you pay attention to them but not too much attention, if you buy them a drink but not necessarily dinner. So getting them to notice you is great, getting them to actually chase you is even better.

So if you really like her, and you want her to like you, take a step back. Act like you are interested but if she doesn’t fall at your feet it’s no big deal, you have other things going on, other plans and it’s not like you will be crushed if she doesn’t go out with you, before you know it she will be doing all of those things and more!

Think about it, most women seem to go for the bad boys…why? Well, these guys are never around, they are always busy and don’t fawn all over the girls that are interested in them, even if it is a girl they are very interested in.  You don’t have to go out and start bar fights, flip people off or buy a Harley, but you do have to have a little of that bad boy could care less attitude.

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