What IS a Nice Guy?

Nice guys get a bad wrap. There are those who think a nice guy is too sensative, needy, clingy, dorky or a mommas boy, but that isn’t necessarily true. Just because a nice guy doesn’t care to party all the time or ride a harley, hasn’t been in and out of jail doesn’t mean that he’s boring.

Most girls start out wanting a bad boy, a guy who is going to take her to the edge and then bring her back again, unfortunately they usually end up going to the edge and then end up in jail or prison while you sit home waiting. Or they are all about partying and never want to settle down. They don’t care about jobs or paying bills, they live day by day and drag you down with them. After awhile girls realize that while it was fun in the beginning they really do want that stability and to be able to have someone they can count on and trust.

A nice guy is dependable, caring, devoted and usually financially stable. They want to settle down, find that right girl, have a family and have no trouble sitting home on a Saturday night cuddling with their girl watching a chick flick. Nice guys aren’t always overly sensative but they do have a soft side and will show you now and again.

So, if you want to get a girl, be a little of both, but don’t be someone you aren’t or go overboard either way.

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